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Written by John Harrison   
Tuesday, 29 January 2013 22:01

For me, the “jumping off point” in our journey should be to examine our own natures,and through meditation and contemplation, come to know the truth of our Being.

This in essence however,is a much deeper and more subtle question than “Who am I”.


The Esoteric Path is the Path to Self Realisation and Spiritual Enlightenment.

As such it takes the concept of Well Being, to its natural conclusion, as it is the culmination of our human existence.

It is a journey of self- discovery, in which your personal meditational practice, is aided by an understanding of esoteric philosophy, enabling you to complete this voyage within  a single lifetime!

Regrettably , enlightenment has become the new “buzz word”. Although the origin of this word comes to us from the Renaissance, and in this context has denoted “illumination”, in modern times this has implied only the intellectual properties, forgetting that in ancient times this Light was spiritual. Another similar modern disassociation, often combined with “enlightenment” is the use of the word “genius” to imply a superior intellect.

The Esoteric Path is  speaks of the means by which Mystics of all Faiths, attained Apotheosis[Union with God].

If we are intending to improve our Well Being, it is important to know who and what our Being is?

So, in the search for the Reality of our existence, all of us need to know who we are!Here we are NOT so much talking about our personalities, minds, or cultural identity, BUT who and what is our SELF, meaning the totality of what we are!

The reason for this insistence upon self- knowing, is that this then enables to have a sense of purpose, with which we can then ask other important questions concerning, why we are here, who created us, and where we are going in life!

However, the main difference between the religious and spiritual paths, is that we ourselves chose what authorities, teachers, or mythologies to believe in, based  upon our own insights, as opposed to the unquestioning approach of believers, and their trust of the words of others, without determining whether these words are true, or a repetition of previous adherents .It is only when we ourselves know the Truth of our Being for ourselves, that we can advance.

Therefore, whereas books and teachers could help us, we need to be perceptive.


In modern times, we have all been taught of the taboos of not talking about Religion or Politics as this can bring about conflict. In the past there has been this phrase that has come to encapsulate the negativity of our lives. Only two things are certain in life;Death and Taxes. However other more positive responses to our existence are ; Life is what you make of it, and my personal favourite “Carpe Dieme –seize the Day.

Religion is a controversial subject.

It seems to me that some people with strong convictions, and advocate the major religions of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism. In life we should affirm everone’s right to their belief system,as long as this does not contravene their human rights. Pragmatists will agree that for many people where they live in the world, determines which culture they belong to, and it is logical to assume that their religious and political beliefs will be coloured by these factors.

My own view is that ALL religions have at their heart, a code of ethics, which influence our conscience

And enable us to develop a strong sense of responsibility for ourselves and those within our communities. And at a deeper level these central truths as I call them ,inform us about how we should relate to God, and our fellow human beings.

LOVE,TRUTH, COMPASSION,JUSTICE,PEACE,AND GOOD-WILL ,are important because they can give meaning to our own sense of Identity. Equally, we learn in life, that all us have a dark side to our humanity, which exists to balance our personality and enable our survival in extreme situations.

BOTH good and evil are spoken of in the principle religious texts and often embellished in parables, myths, tales and debates that support belief systems.

It is not my intention, within this article to advocate any specific religion or belief. Equally, I am acutely aware that many people are atheists, agnostics, have no belief in God, and no desire to be governed of defined by other peoples convictions.

Fortunately, what I am seeking to do, allows everyone to make up their own minds, and I believe that the only commonality should be that all of us, should be discriminating and seek to live in peace and harmony with those of a different faiths. This in essence however, is a much deeper and more subtle question than “Who am I”.

These are but a few examples of religious meditation, but the emphasis of such practices should be the ethical qualities prevalent in all faiths.


Article by John Harrison-Initiate on The Path of Light and Sound


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